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We offer a comprehensive suite of professional indemnity insurance services for doctors and medical practitioners.

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Medical Indemnity Insurance For Surgeons

We offer surgeons a contract of insurance underwritten by A rated insurers based on your specific requirements.

Your policy of insurance protects against claims arising from all breaches of your professional duties, protecting your reputation and your livelihood.

Doctors & Surgeons


Dental Malpractice Insurance

Professional negligence and medical malpractice claims are an occupational hazard for all dentists. But by taking out a trustworthy, insurance-backed policy to cover you against such claims, you can protect your industry standing and professional reputation against legal challenges.

Dental Malpractice


Medical Malpractice Insurance

If you’re looking for medical malpractice insurance, you’ll need a provider with knowledge, experience and credibility. Once you’ve taken out a medical malpractice policy with St Giles Medical and Dental, you’ll be covered for any legal expenses incurred if a claim is brought against you. That means you can focus on defending your reputation, without having to worry about the cost of legal representation.

Medical Malpractice


Legal Expenses

Our policies all come with in-bedded Legal Expenses cover that protects you individually against issues arising in relation to your fitness to practice, from your governing or regulatory body or from coroners’ inquests.



We will provide around the clock support and guidance by our specialist medico-legal team.