Medical Malpractice Insurance

If you’re looking for medical malpractice insurance, you’ll need a provider with knowledge, experience and credibility.

More Than 25 Years’ Experience With Medical and Dental Insurance

Working in medical and dental insurance for over 25 years, St Giles Medical and Dental offers tailored, great value medical malpractice insurance to doctors and surgeons. Here’s why we’re the best in the field.

Once you’ve taken out a medical malpractice policy with St Giles, you’ll be covered for any legal expenses incurred if a claim is brought against you. That means you can focus on defending your reputation, without having to worry about the cost of legal representation.


We think of everything

During the course of your professional life, there are many situations that could put you at risk of legal action. At St Giles, we’ve experienced all of these, and can advise you on the right cover for you. For example:

  • Good Samaritan incidents. Even when you’re not at work, you may be required to provide medical assistance in an emergency. We’ll make sure you’re covered for these eventualities that may occur outside your usual professional practice.
  • Run-off cover. This will protect you even after you’ve retired or left the profession. It means that any claims made after the event are still covered.

We specialise in Medical and Dental Insurance

Medical professionals do a difficult job. With such high levels of responsibility and specialist expertise, it’s imperative that your medical malpractice insurer understands the risks you face, in the course of your professional duties. As dedicated medical and dental indemnity providers, we deal with GPs, consultants, surgeons and other health care professionals every day. We know what cover you need, and can advise you on the ins and outs of medical malpractice cover.


We shop around to bring you the best value

Unlike many of our competitors, we’re an independent insurance broker. That means we can get you the very best deals, by choosing an insurer that’s right for you. We’ll always offer high quality insurance at a reasonable price, because we shop around to bring you the best value. All of our A-rated insurers are backed by Lloyds of London, giving you the peace of mind that comes with complete reliability.


All of our quotes are based on you as an individual. We’ll provide cover for exactly what you need, based on your career and requirements.

If you are a doctor or surgeon, find out more about our professional indemnity insurance for doctors and medical practitioners.

Alternatively, contact us today to get a quote for medical malpractice insurance.