15 Feb 2019

Medical Indemnity Insurance: The Basics

Medical Indemnity Insurance: The Basics

What is medical indemnity insurance?

Medical indemnity insurance covers malpractice in medical professions, including doctors, surgeons and dentists.

As medical professionals, you always aim to provide the highest quality care and service. However, mistakes can still happen. Medical indemnity insurance covers these incidents, errors and mistakes. Even with the best training and experience, accidents can and do still happen and so, it is a necessity for all medical professionals to have insurance so that you are protected from claims and any legal action being taken against you.

Who needs medical indemnity insurance?

Medical indemnity and malpractice are issues that apply directly to anyone in the medical industry. It is important that anyone working in this industry is covered by medical indemnity insurance, whether you are a doctor or a dentist. This means that you and your reputation will be protected in the event of a claim or complaint, which is crucial as you do not want a single incident or error to ruin your medical career. Having medical indemnity insurance also gives you peace of mind that you will be protected in the case of a claim.

Personal medical indemnity insurance

As well as gaining cover for at work, you may also consider taking out personal medical indemnity insurance. This means that you will be covered for any work done outside of work, perhaps assisting in an emergency situation.

If the question is unequivocal protection for you, your livelihood and your reputation, the answer is St Giles.

Medical indemnity insurance should be a necessity for anyone working in the medical profession. At St Giles, we provide doctors, surgeons and dentists unequivocal protection against claims of all natures and complexities. We take each individual’s needs into account when considering the best policy for you, with the aim to provide you with certainty, peace of mind and the knowledge that we are here to support you.

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