Medical Indemnity Insurance for Orthopaedic Surgeons  

Get peace of mind and protect your reputation with our bespoke medical indemnity insurance for orthopaedic surgeons.

Medical Indemnity Insurance for Orthopaedic Surgeons

Get peace of mind and protect your reputation with our bespoke medical indemnity insurance for orthopaedic surgeons. Our insurance products are tailored to your professional activities, so you’ll never pay for cover that you don’t need.


What’s covered

Every policy we provide is completely unique – designed for you and only you. So, whether you specialise in sports injuries, paediatrics, orthopaedic oncology, or in orthopaedic surgery on a particular area of the body, we’ll create a product that can cover every aspect of your professional practice.

Your indemnity cover can be used in case of any injury or death that happens as a result of your treatment, as well as claims for misdiagnosis and any disciplinary action taken against you.

Orthopaedic investigations and treatments

Speak to us and we’ll tailor your indemnity insurance to match your needs. We can cover the investigations and treatments you might carry out as part of your private or NHS work, such as:

  • Joint arthroscopy
  • Bone fracture repair surgery
  • Arthroplasty, including knee and hip replacements
  • Corrective surgery

Doctors and surgeons are often called upon to provide assistance outside of their day job. Our indemnity insurance can cover any medical care you give outside your workplace – for example, covering pro bono work undertaken in an emergency.

Run-off cover, protecting you into the future

It’s important that you can rely on your medical indemnity even after you have retired or left your current workplace, in case of claims that date back years. So, all of our indemnity products include ‘run-off’ cover as standard, to protect you and your workplace after you stop practicing there.


What you’ll get

If you need to make a claim, we’ll make it easy. When you take out medical indemnity cover with St Giles, you’ll have access to a 24-hour hotline, providing support and advice whenever you need it. We work when you work – so you’re never on your own. We understand how stressful it can be to deal with a medical negligence claim, so we make the process as smooth and worry-free as possible – what’s better still, we guarantee that we can better your current terms.

If you are sued by a patient, your indemnity insurance cover will pay the cost of your legal fees, plus any damages that are awarded to them. Underwritten by A-rated insurers, Lloyds of London, you can depend on our indemnity cover to pay out.


Why choose St Giles?

For true peace of mind, it’s good to choose a provider with a solid reputation, based on years of successful specialist work. At St Giles MDI, we’ve been providing medical indemnity insurance to orthopaedic surgeons and other medical professionals for decades. Our specialist knowledge, combined with A-rated insurance cover, mean you won’t get a better or more comprehensive policy.

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