06 Mar 2019

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It…

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It…

This is the stance taken by the MDU in response to the government’s consultation on clinical negligence. Unsurprisingly we at St Giles do not share that view.

Just because something isn’t broken yet doesn’t mean it’s not on the verge and is fit for purpose. We have been advocating the need for Surgeons and other medical professionals to have the comfort of an insurance-backed indemnity affording them contract certainty for some time, a view which the government have arrived at as evidenced by their consultation.

It is not our intention to rehearse both parties arguments, (contained in the DHSC’s 51-page document and the MDU’s 39-page response) but clearly what is important is knowing that should a claim arise, the individual has cover from an A rated insurer. In addition, the policy is written based upon that specific individuals turnover, experience and claims record, hence substantial savings can be obtained by moving to the open market.

It is unclear which way the consultation will go but in the meantime there are options available. As we all know it is a lot cheaper and less inconvenient to replace before the product fails.

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