Our clients’ most frequently asked questions are here. If the information you need isn’t covered below, call or email us and we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Are your policies discretionary?

No, our policies are all insurance-backed and so contract certain to give you 100% peace of mind.

What happens when I want to stop practising?

If you retire or fall foul of unforeseen circumstances, all of our policies cover for retirement, death or disablement and give you run-off cover. Although policies can vary in detail, all come with this as standard.

What happens if I have a problem or a claim?

In the first instance, contact us. For an extra layer of safety, your policy will have an emergency helpline so you will always be able to speak to someone.

How do I know the insurers will be there for me in the future?

All of our insurers are backed by Lloyds of London and are all A rated as standard.

How is my premium calculated?

Everything is done based on YOU. There are no off-the-shelf solutions and every premium is based on your work, your income, your experience and your past claims. We negotiate this with our panel of underwriters. We then show you your options and recommend the best solution for you and you only.

Can I pay my premium in instalments?

Of course, we have a number of premium financing options and we also accept credit and debit card payments.

What information do you need to provide me with a quotation?

We will send you the correct form for your speciality and the completed form and your claims history is all we need to place a policy for you. Alternatively, you can use our Get a Quote button. (LINK)

When can I contact you?

You can contact us 24/7. There are a number of ways to do this and we are always available to answer your questions or help you in whichever way we can. We work when you work.